Fire Doors

Survey, Remediate, Certificate, Indemnify
We have developed a comprehensive 360 Degree Enterprise Grade compliance package for Fire Door Asset Management. This package indemnifies our clients from any legal claims, Fire Risk Assessments or 3rd party Surveys for the life of the Door. All Doors under our supervision benefit from an insurance backed Warranty.
Please contact for details as the specifics of this Package have intellectual property disclosures and is highly competitive financially.
Ace can undertake standalone Fire Door Surveys, Remedials and/or Replacements to all prevailing legislative requirements.
Approved Document B provides guidance on where fire doors should be fitted. The location and rating of fire doors will be based on the Fire Risk Assessment (FRA), design and layout of a building.

Fire Doors are widely underestimated. However, they are key contender in the main implementation of creating compartmentation in a building. Looking for a certification label is the most trustworthy method when attempting to identify a fire door. They will have a certification label in the top edge of the door leaf.

As per Approved Document B, Fire Doors are a requirement for:

  • In a cavity barrier (wall) where applicable;
  • Above two levels, every door leading to the stairwell (at all level) where the doors lead to a habitable room that has fire rated separating walls;
  • When the property has a loft conversion;
  • Between a house with an integral garage;
  • Between the business and residential elements in a mixed-use building.
  • For the front door of individual flats;
  • Within individual flats to stop the spread of fire between rooms;
  • Other locations depending on the layout, use, FRA and fire plan of the individual building.

Fire doors are required by law in many different non-domestic buildings such as, but not limited to:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Flats
  • House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hotels
  • Public Buildings
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Factories