Ace Construction
The UK’s Leading Fire Consultancy
and Fire Protection Contractor

Ace Construction

The UK’s Leading Fire Consultancy
and Fire Protection Contractor
The UK’s Leading Fire Consultancy and Fire Protection Contractor
Building the Future Together.
Ace Construction is Established since 2014, providing a broad range of services in Fire Protection, Surveying and Consultancy. Our commitment to Safety, Quality and Performance have become corner stones in all of our operations.
Operating from our Head Office in Hertfordshire and our office in London, we have the benefit of covering the whole UK. Our projects range comfortably between £200,000 to £3mil with the capacity of £5mil.

arma winner

Ace proudly receiving the ARMA/IRPM 2023 (Property Technology) Award for our Fire Compliance Solution.
ARMA Partners that are proactively using technology to positively transform the way the industry operates and have made a significant contribution to the efficiency and overall performance of an ARMA Member(s) in the last 12 months.
Judging criteria

• Evidence of genuine creativity and innovation in the past year
• A robust business model
• Evidence of a strong and potentially transformative impact on ARMA Members and the wider industry

The list of Judges can be found here: Judges – ARMAAwards At ACE our demonstrated Vision to Continually Lead & Innovate with our Fire Asset Management Packages. Delivering to our clients the optimal successful outcomes, from Inspection Criteria, Data Analytics & Information Distribution to Indemnified Remediation Works.
Years Experience

Activity areas

Our goal is to save lives and protect properties!

Commercial Buildings

We understand the Commercial sector raises special legal and building requirements.

Residential Buildings

The stay put method can only be relied upon if the appropriate passive fire protection is installed.

Railway Industry

Effective fire protection is important for any structure or space, but nowhere is it more impactful than the metro and rail industries

Our Services

We hold a wide range of Accreditations and Insurances for all aspects of our Services.

1. Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection attempts to contain fires or slow the spread through compartmentalization of the overall building such as fire-resistant walls, floors and doors.

2. Active Fire Protection

The best way to define active fire protection systems is to think about items or systems that require an action or motion in order to start working.

3. Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling allows accurate
holes to be drilled through nearly any material .

4. Survey and Consultancy

4.1 Fire Doors Survey
4.2 Fire Risk Assessments (FRA)
4.3 Compartmentation Survey

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